Yesterday’s Stories Shaping Tomorrow’s Future


Children look up to their grandparents as guiding figures and the keepers of stories. A trip to Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites is the perfect setting to combine sharing special moments and awakening even the youngest of inquisitive minds.

Beyond every door and down every path, exhibits reveal stories of changing times. See how young female nurses and factory workers contributed to the war effort during WWII, and the special skills they needed to transmit top-secret encoded messages. Learn about the evolution of engineering and technology, and how strategically placed disappearing guns and functioning lighthouses worked. As you explore, conversations with Parks Canada staff add depth to every story.

Let young imaginations run wild:

• Are they fond of nature and little creatures? Surrounded by the natural beauty of Canada’s west coast, the Garry Oak ecosystem thrives here in the Learning Meadow, where getting up close with native plants and pollinators prompts important discussions about conservation.

• Are they eager to hear secrets? The site’s self-guided audio tour brings to life stories told by a seasoned soldier, a young Victorian woman, a few residents of the fort and the lighthouse, and even an American spy. The voices of these storytellers may inspire future actions or career aspirations.

• Are they studious and want to record findings? The Xplorers booklet was created especially for these inquisitive minds. With a pencil in hand, they will draw, search for answers and collect facts. They may choose to save this completed book for their collection of Xplorers booklets acquired while visiting other Parks Canada places.

• Are they fascinated with dress-up and role-play? During summer programs, Parks Canada interpreters may recruit them to help with lighthouse chores or show them the 1800s latest fashion and games. They might develop a new appreciation for current commodities or decide to set new “old-fashioned” trends.

• Are they excited about sleepovers? The oTENTiks offer a unique blend of homey comfort with a taste of outdoor adventure. Staying overnight in a real fort and enjoying the freedom to wander, once all the regular visitors have gone home, is truly a special treat: a memory they might even pass along to their own grandchildren.

When children experience a place where history is alive, their curiosity can flourish and they can develop new perspectives and skills for their future.

Admission for youth 17 and under is free. Seniors cost $6.60 and senior annual passes are $16.97. And don’t forget, all Parks Canada places—in person and online—can be experienced in both English and French.

For the summer program schedule and activity ideas, visit en/lhn-nhs/bc/fortroddhill/ activ/activ5.

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