The Value of Volunteering


What kind of volunteer opportunities are out there?

If you can imagine it, it might exist! Modern volunteering appeals to almost any hobby, interest or skill—from fashion stylist to acting as a board member, there’s always something for everyone.

Volunteers do not get paid, but there is always a return on your volunteering investment. People volunteer for all types of reasons – to give back, to learn, to make friends, or to add something new to their resume or share a skill with others.

What kind of things will non-profits ask me for when I apply?

Volunteer Victoria works with more than 300 non-profit organizations and each one has a slightly different volunteer application and intake process. Depending on the position, you may be asked to:

• complete an application form

• send your resume and references

• meet for an interview

• get a police check

• get a child welfare check

• attend an orientation

• attend specialized training

How do I find the perfect volunteer position?

Volunteer Victoria’s database hosts more than 300 volunteer positions, which can be a little overwhelming. Choosing a volunteer position is the hardest part of volunteering!

Before you begin your search, think about the following questions. Be honest with yourself!

Questions to ask yourself:

Why do you want to volunteer?

How much time do you have to commit? Do you want to volunteer for one day or something ongoing?

Do you want to volunteer with your head or your hands?

Are there any specific causes that interest you?

Are you looking to do a certain kind of activity?

Is there an age demographic you are most comfortable working with?

What skills do you want to learn or are you looking for job experience?

What kind of surroundings would you like to be in?

What special skills or talents do you have to offer?

Do you have any limitations that you will need to fit into your position?

What kind of volunteer work would you dislike?

Do you want to volunteer in a team, alone on individual projects, or from home?

Would you consider a virtual or micro volunteering position?

How do I use the database to get started volunteering in Greater Victoria?

1. Think about what kind of volunteer opportunity you want.

2. Search Volunteer Victoria’s online database. If you need help finding a position book an appointment to meet with a volunteer advisor.

3. Select your favourite volunteer opportunities:
Volunteer Victoria

4. Learn more about the organizations/causes and then apply to the organizations using the Volunteer Victoria database or directly through the organization’s website.

5. Start making a difference.