The Multi-Generational Bucket List

Made famous by the Hollywood movie of the same name, The Bucket List has become much more than a pre-death to-do list. As a tool for the entire family, the multi-generational goal list—a collaborative endeavour—lets you create a list for a family life of no regrets. Ever dreamed of ‘glamping’ in the Clayoquot sound? How about heli-skiing the “Island Alps” in Strathcona Park? Snorkelling with the salmon in Campbell River? Add each to-do to your list and start making plans! And remember: kids make great travel companions—not only do they add an extra level of energy, curiosity and excitement, but they often open up conversations and create social connections that might not otherwise occur.

So gather young and old and write down your top to-do’s. From road trips, day hikes or a trip to the museum, to learning to row, picking blackberries for pie or bike riding along the Trans-Canada Trail, Vancouver Island offers a lifetime’s worth of things to add to—and then check off—your family’s bucket list.

To that end, this issue of GRAND features articles on topics ranging from travelling with grandkids, 10 things to have on hand when your grandkids visit and the five top photo-sharing apps, to sleepover solutions, grandparent giving and learning from our grandchildren while “on-the-job.” There’s 7 Grand, a compilation of ideas and inspiration to help keep you in-the-know and connected to community, there’s an article on the “grand feelings” and logistics of long-distance grandparenting and there’s a profile on poet, novelist, essayist and kid-at-heart, Linda Rogers, on the importance of celebrating and supporting children and families.

We hope this issue of GRAND inspires you to celebrate those you love, to make—and tackle!—plans that excite and inspire you, and to appreciate every moment we have together.

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