The Gift of Giving


Why Give?

There are many reasons.

Yours are unique to you.

Some people view it as an opportunity to give back in return for a good life. To thank a community that helped them succeed.

Others give to ensure that the things that they care about are looked after. To support interests that have meaning to them such as the arts, the environment, social programs or education.

Still others give to have an impact that lasts beyond their lifetime. A legacy that adds meaning to their lives, connects family generations, or memorializes a loved one.

Whatever your reason, a community foundation can provide convenient, cost-effective and impactful giving options that support your specific values, interests and intentions.

Getting Started

Your gift is as individual as you are. It reflects your values and hopes for the community. Community foundations offer a range of giving options to help you give with confidence. You can start your own fund dedicated to a cause of your choice—or you may choose to give where the needs are greatest. You can give now or give later through your estate plan. It’s all about making the most of your wishes while making our community a better place. Whether you want to support an organization in your neighbourhood or a registered charity anywhere in Canada, a community foundation can help you.

Here are some questions to consider to help get you started.

• Do you want to give now, or do you want to make a gift later, through your estate?

• If you prefer to give now, would you like to be involved in granting decisions, or would you prefer to have others decide based on your wishes?

• Would you prefer to give to a specific charity or charities, or would you rather have your gift used for the most pressing needs in the community?

• If you prefer to give to specific charities, do you know the organizations and causes you want to give to, or do you need more information to help you decide?

Growing Your Fund

Your initial gift does not necessarily mark the end of the endowment building process. Many fundholders continue to contribute to their fund on a regular basis. Your endowment can provide a simple way to carry out your annual charitable donations.

• Contribute to the fund at any time with gifts of cash or publicly listed securities.

• Contribute later with a gift by a Will, a life insurance policy, retirement plan accumulations, tax free savings accounts or other property.

• Support the causes that are important to you through the annual grants from the fund.

• Create a succession plan to ensure your wishes continue or rely on the knowledge and experience of the Victoria Foundation for future discretionary grants within specific areas of interest.

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