The Best Places on Vancouver Island for Family Photos


With the warmer weather and easier—or better yet, non-existent!—schedule, summer is the ideal time to photograph family and friends. And what better place to do it than on Vancouver Island. Here, from 7 Island photographers, are a some of the most scenic and fun places for a photo shoot that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Campbell River

Off the top of my head, Saratoga Beach comes to mind. The reason I love Saratoga for generational images is the space you have there. It is ideal for spreading out! Especially for larger groups, another big consideration is accessibility for elderly/grandparents! Too many roots, stairs, unstable ground isn’t ideal for people with any difficulties and I find somewhere flat and easy ideal. Here are a few images I had from a Saratoga session.

– Erin Wallis (

Cowichan Valley

For Mid Island, I would suggest Eves Park and Transfer Beach. Both locations are easy to find with quick easy access. First, get ready to have fun! Gone are the days that we all stand perfect in front of the camera and smile. Although it’s great to have one or two of those photos, my sessions are all about capturing the connection between family members and that means lots of interaction between myself and the family and all the family members themselves.

– Ashley Marston (

South Island

Here’s my biggest advice: find a location you can get to within minutes of arriving. If you have little ones with you (grand littles) you have already used up most of their cooperation time getting them dressed up and driving to the location. If you have to walk a long distance to get to the perfect spot they will have zero love for you by the time you get there!

This also works great for grandparents and seniors. If you can get there shortly upon arrival, it’s likely going to be more accessible to anyone with mobility challenges. Remember, light is more important than location and getting everyone together for photos is already considered success. Focus on everyone having a great experience and you are more likely to get better images you can look back on and enjoy for years to come.

My fave spots include:

Glencoe Cove Kwatsech Park. Big grassy field. Beautiful views of the ocean. Gorgous beach for those who can do stairs. All in one spot.

Rowing Club at Elk Lake. HUGE grassy fields that look beautiful in summer and fall. The docks for the lake backdrop and lots of parking and washrooms.

– Maryam Morrison (

South Island

When I have intergenerational shoots or clients who require easy location access, I recommend:

Albert Head Lagoon in Metchosin. The parking lot is right next to the water, a beautiful mixture of water and forested scenery.

Mount Tolmie in Saanich has a garry oak eco-system that offers a gorgeous view of Victoria. There is parking all the way up the mountain, so no hiking involved.

Island View Beach in Saanich Peninsula provides different backdrop options, with the beach and ocean to one side, and a grassy field to other.

– Nicole Israel