Rebecah: Cyber Seniors


The Cyber Seniors program, started in Toronto in 2009 by two high school students, is an intergenerational program pairing high school students with seniors to help navigate the ever-changing world of technology.

The Cridge Village Seniors Centre is happy to open its doors again to various high school students with this program that was put on hiatus during the pandemic. It has been ever-present in our senior’s facility the last several years of just how valuable intergenerational connections are and how important social media can be in keeping people connected in such uncertain times.

High school students from various schools (Pacific Christian, St. Michaels, Victoria High School) have travelled after school, once a week, to The Cridge Village Seniors Centre to give lessons to our seniors. It has been remarkable to witness the natural gifts of each generation coming together in this mutually beneficial program. Many of our seniors are in their 80s and 90s and students are therefore exposed to a generation’s life history, experiences and customs.

Students aim to help their seniors navigate the fast-paced world of the internet. They are here to help support and build confidence in an online world that was not designed for individuals with sight, hearing or dexterity impairments. For many, learning how to upload pictures to their iCloud is a daunting task. It is more important than ever these days for our seniors to stay connected with their families, many of whom live in other countries or provinces. Learning how to connect with a long-lost family member via Facebook can be life changing.

During the school year, these students have filled our centre with laughter, perspective and collaboration. Students have enjoyed getting to know the senior they are paired up with and have, in certain circumstances, stayed in touch after they have moved on from the program. It has been a pleasure to re-introduce this program that has facilitated connections, friendships, and knowledge back into the lives of our Seniors at The Cridge Centre.

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