Five Photo Sharing Apps for Families



Ever wondered if there was a way to keep up on and see your grandkids’ artwork, photos and schoolwork? Well wonder no more. Keepy helps connect families so they can share pictures, video clips and mementos. When you upload pictures, you can include short video clips and share memories with family, who can become “fans” of your child. Reply with video, voice or text comments. You can also order prints, canvases, photo books and other keepsakes. For iOS and Android.

Family Album

This all-in-one resource provides a secure, private, and easy way to share your photos with your whole family—even those who aren’t very tech-savvy. And it files photos and videos by date taken in easy-to-navigate digital albums. FamilyAlbum offers unlimited photo storage, accessible only to you and your family, compilation videos that automatically assemble 1-second clips of top memories and easy sharing. There is a browser version, so anybody with internet access—and your permission—can join in. For iOS and Android.

Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans is like a digital baby book that lets you track your grandbaby’s milestones through pictures, videos, heights, weights and more. With unlimited photo storage that’s automatically sorted by date, you get a digital family journal and a way to remember all your grandkids’ memorable moments. Set up automatic email notifications so you know any time your kids post new milestones, photos or videos. For iOS and Android.


23Snaps is a photo-sharing app and web service that lets you share family pics in a private and safe way. Like a digital photo journal, it can be viewed by as many friends and family as you choose. See all of your grandchildren’s photo-worthy moments. Add captions and stories to photos and videos or try the photo filters and frames to add a little more fun. Share a single connected account through the mobile app and online or via e-mail. For iOS, Android or Windows.

Google Photo

Okay, so it’s not an app, but Google Photo lets you sign in on any device to start sharing photos so is great for even the not-so-techy. Make collages, animations, movies, albums and photo books and organize all of the above by people, places and things—using facial-recognition technology. There’s also a search feature that lets you locate photos—even if they aren’t tagged with a description.