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Gone are the days of rocking chairs and recliners. Today’s grandparents are more likely to be rock climbing or going for a run than they are to be rocking or reclining.

We’re an active and diverse group—an engaged, evolving and powerful force. We’re mentors, nurturers, keepers of secrets. We’re caregivers, child care providers, dessert-before-dinner defenders. We’re historians, spiritual guides and the holders of family stories.

Grand celebrates who you are as a grandparent and who you are as an individual. You love spending time with your grandchildren and you’re happy in your other roles: at work, in the community and on your own. Grand acknowledges that you are not ‘one or the other’—an ‘either/or’ version of yourself—you are many different things to many different people. And to yourself.

With an Island perspective that speaks to an international readership, Grand is the source for on-the-go grandparents of up-to-the-minute and thought-provoking information and ideas—on everything from having fun, staying fit and things to do to travel, leisure, health and technology. Think of Grand as a trusted friend who happily shares those “senior moments” (in the best sense of the words!) and keeps you informed and connected to the issues and ideas that really matter. After reading an issue of Grand, you should feel inspired, up-to-date, and informed.

We’re here for you: from helping you figure out where you fit in to tackling your most perplexing questions, sharing your greatest discoveries and celebrating your deepest joys.

Grand features articles on topics ranging from the importance of storytelling, cooking with your grandkids and community superheroes, to photographing your grandkids, gift-giving, and grandparenting from afar. There’s ideas and inspiration to help keep you in-the-know and connected, there’s a guide to investing in your grandchildren’s future, and there’s tech support that will help you face your fears and embrace the cloud.

Grand is as diverse and engaged as you are. Together, we’re a powerful and positive force—in our grandchildren’s lives and in our communities.

A Grand welcome!

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