3 Have-to-Haves for Techie Grandparents


1. Aura by Carver Digital Frames. See the people you love—on rotation!—and invite them to add photos, too. Smart digital frames provide crisp details, full light, and great quality. With social distancing, photos are the next best thing to being together.

2. Apple iPhone SE. Sure most iPhones are notoriously complicated, but the SE has basics including email, texting, video chatting and watching videos. The camera is excellent and includes portrait lighting.

3. Muse S Brain Sensing Headband. Stressed Out? This soft band meditation device is easy to put on and the app is easy to install. Together they help to calm your mind and help you relax.

Sue Fast
Sue Fast
Sue Fast is the editor of Island Parent, Grand and ’Tweens & Teens magazines. Her writing has also appeared in Canadian Living and Vancouver magazines, the Georgia Straight and Monday Magazine.